Apple launches online tool to deregister numbers from iMessage

November 10, 2014
Tech News

Apple launches online tool to deregister numbers from iMessage

“Once you go Mac you don’t go back right..”?

Could you possibly fathom switching from an iPhone to a, ‘whatever’? Once you go Mac you don’t go back right? Well, no. Although Apples ignorance has allowed them to conclude on this belief, there’s been a problem. A big one!

Prior to their new online tool which be be explained below, if you switched from an iPhone to something outside of the Apple world, you had a problem. That problem was with messaging. Let’s say you are moving from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy s5. Half your contacts are loyal iPhone users like myself (we would never have this problem)! Now that you’ve swapped over sim cards, your ‘Apple Club’ friend attempts to message you. That message gets shot! It never arrives, and that’s because your iMessage account still thinks you’re just as loyal as your friend is! So all these messages coming through go to limbo, or well, your iMessage account for the old iPhone you now never use.

There’s now hope!

Apple has came to the understand, that sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes, yes people do change over. The new online tool allows users to input the phone number they wish to deregister, and to confirm, an SMS message is sent to their new device with a confirmation code. This code is typed into the website and bang, you can now begin to receive messages from those ‘loyalists’ again.

There unfortunately is no mention of retrieving those iMessages back, at least not onto your new device. It does however mean that for the usual bunch of ‘change-overs’, there’s no need to call Apple Care any longer with crying complaints about the love messages you should have had. A rookie error on Apples part, but it is finally now corrected. About time!

Quick link to deregister: Deregister iMessage

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