Driving Food, Drink & Merchandise Sales with Mobile

February 9, 2016
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A small sports stadium could increase their sales by over £1m a year by adding an app solution to one of their operations.




How many times within a year do you think a fan misses the game changing shot? For most never, and that’s because it happened once and will not be happening again. Is a hotdog or a drink really worth missing the winning shot? Through a mobile app solution, stadiums can dramatically increase their food, drink and merchandise sales.


Look into the Future, 8 Weeks from Now

Your new app has been launched. Advertisements have been put up on the stadium screens and as fans wait for kick off, ‘Food & drink straight to your seat’! ‘Download from the app store now’ is displayed. 1000 of the fans take out their phones, one of which is called ‘Kyle Jennings’.

Kyle searches and downloads the application. The app offers a selection of imagines on the home screen. Kyle was just browsing but the thought of this is great, a hotdog straight to his seat! Why not, it’s game day? Kyle presses the screen which puts a hotdog into his basket and it asks if he would like a drink which he does – Coke. Next he adds the seat number and on payment, he is asked to take a picture of his debit/ credit card and key in his security code, ’000’. Done!

15 minutes later Kyle has a hotdog and his Coke delivered to his seat like 3 other supporters close by have done. Surrounding people get inquisitive! You can guess what happens next.


Give Them What They Want

All this time the supporters going to games have wanted hotdogs, burgers and Coke, but there’s a priority order and the game always comes first. Not only did they want food and drinks, but they wanted mechanise for themselves and the kids, it’s just that queuing and actually knowing what’s in the store seems so much hassle it’s not worth the rampaging crowds. Bring it to their seat! It’s that simple. The kids want the huge foam hand they see another supporter waving in the air. Rather than dismissing it due to cost, you can actually find out what the damage will be and have them even more ecstatic 15 minutes later when a steward delivers.


A Quick Explanation

Mobile applications can be made in two ways, as a native app, or as a ’hybrid’. ‘Natives’ are what you’re more likely aware of but for an explanation between the two (this is important as there’s huge benefits between each kind from value to performance) click HERE.


The Setup

It’s likely you will already have an e-commerce website for the club, but if not, even easier! A graphic designer will firstly begin by creating a design model in-line with the branding of the club. Alongside this, both an architect and an analyst will work together in building a software plan for how the stadium will best operate with the new digital solution. This will include input from your operations department to help build a strategy on how staff receive the order from the app to how it’s delivered back to the customers seat. With a detailed software architecture built, developers can begin coding the mobile application. Access will be needed to the current website sever/ databases in order to bolt the mobile system on, and further studies will go into the operations of the store/ merchandise sales to gather triggers on stock flow. The agency having understanding of store operations allows them to build the new system in a way which automates a large percentage of the workload and return valuable information internally and also to the user i.e. in-stock/ out-of-stock.


Final Words

The San Francisco 49ers stand testament to this very strategy having food, drink and merchandise sales skyrocket from this solution. Every stadium should be taking advantage of this type of mobile soltuion. It’s surprising how few especially throughout the UK have done so and it’s about time. Give the supporters what they want.

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