How Much Does an App Cost to Make?

February 18, 2015

How Much Does an App Cost?

So, how much does an app cost? How long is a piece of string? No need to worry, this article WILL actually give you an answer. Before you read further, this won’t be dragged out:- an app is likely to be 10 times that of a website!

The Popular Belief

An app for some reason, is guestestimated by pretty much everyone with little or no industry knowledge at between £2000 and £5000. No idea why, in fact I’d like to ask YOU the answer to that question. However, this is a ridiculous assumption. Even the simplest ideas may need serious manpower to achieve, hours upon hours of development.

The Real Cost

Developers work on time. The average engineer coding the backend to your project is likely earning between £32,000.00 and £45,000.00 a year. If your’e lucky, that means, for one developers single months work your’e paying £2,666.00. Then you have the project managers fees, the designers and likely consultancy. If you are doing incredibly well, a single months work with one software engineer will cost you £10,000.00. That’s a very simple app for only 160 hours.

Within Edinburgh, some firms will not take on a project unless it has a value of £50,000.00 or over. Some firms do work for around £650.00 per day (we are one of those firms).



What you have to Understand

The skill for this type of development is scarce. There are far few engineers available in the UK to handle the amount of work being requested nationally.

Software engineers are enormously expensive to employ and the time to create these systems is way over that of a website in many cases. Try and think back to the early days of websites, yes, they were pricy also! It’s a relatively new technology so for at least the foreseeable future (5 years minimum), this price will not be coming down.

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