How to Promote Your Mobile App with Less Money

November 5, 2014
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How to Promote Your Mobile App with Less Money

So you have a great idea, right? Sometimes we all come up against problems with money, especially when you’re starting a business for the first time. This is not something you should be ashamed to admit. I came up against these problems myself, as did almost all entrepreneurs and ‘appeneurs’ your trying to get the attention of. Now that you can accept we all start somewhere, lets get down to some techniques for promoting an app with a low budget.


First things first. Keywords. They are so ridiculously important, and here’s why..

When you search for an app, even a website, there is a specific word, a keyword which tells the system in a round about way what you’re looking for. Here’s an example:- if I search ‘racing’ on my app store, the first result that appears is CSR Racing. The title of your app contains keywords, and there are also hidden keywords which if you don’t already know, are added when you’re uploading your app to the store. Note, that the most popular apps appear first.

If you add a specific keyword to your app name, or to the ‘backend’ (hidden), if that word is searched for, your app will appear somewhere within the list of results.

So why is this important?

If too many people are using a certain keyword, then the list of results is larger. That means your brilliant app may be difficult to find amongst the others. How often do you go through 200 apps of the same kind? Likely never! So when you are selecting your keywords you want to find ones which are not overly used, yet not so low that people are unlikely to use the word. I searched ‘prestidigitation’, it had no results!

Tools for finding the right keywords.

That’s right! Thankfully, there’s tools which rate your keywords, identifying where on the popularity scale they are, and how many developers are using them.

Sensor Tower

sensor tower

This website is great for figuring out what the bigger players are using. Follow this link and type in the name of an app which yours is similar to (or an app you like). Here you have a whole list giving you a guideline to which keywords to use. After all, top selling apps aren’t at the top of the keyword chain for nothing! Oh and one more thing. Creating a Sensor Tower account is free for the basic level. The account can actually generate keywords for you which are the most likely to bring the highest level of success.

Google Adwords

This tool is more complicated than the above. It allows you to evaluate over the web; which topics are the hottest. With this tool, you can judge what your app theme may be. For example, had you been the first to create an app with Miley Cyrus’s face while she went a ‘little’ crazy, and used Miley Cyrus in your keywords, by morning you’d have made $80,000.00. Adwords points out up and coming trends so you can get ahead of the game.

Always ALWAYS input keywords to the limit. Apple and Play Store limit you to a certain amount of characters. Use them all, every last one. The more you have, the more people find you in their search results.

Explainer Videos

Creating a short 1 minute video which explains your app, and the problems it solves is a fantastic way to convince your audience to download. Actually, there are packages out there which are FREE and easy to use.

PowToon and Sparkol are the packages we have used ourselves in the past.  

Social Media

Stating the obvious. The more friends you can convince to share your app link (may it be to the app store or to you explainer video), the better! Say you have 500 friends on Facebook, and 150 of them are kind enough to share your link, that’s up to 75000 people that have been informed of your new app. Some newspapers couldn’t pull those kind of numbers in!

The Press

Back when we developed our first game, we did just that. My face went over a full page spread. For your information, I looked like such a weirdo, and yes, this is available on the web. You’re going to have to find that for yourself, I certainly won’t be providing the link!

So, contact some of your local newspapers, even the bigger names in industry. Before you do that though, along with your great new app, have a story with it. You could be a young budding entrepreneur about to make the big time. Or even a humble citizen trying to make a difference for the better good. Everyone loves a good story!


Apps such as Eventbrite are fantastic for finding functions around your area. Get out there, meet more like minded people, and be helpful to others. If you want your app business to work bad enough, you will accept networking is scary, and just get out there and do it.

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