iBeacon Technology; Mobile’s Biggest Gap in the Market

September 14, 2015
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What is iBeacon Technology?

iBeacon is micro compatible (literally fit their wiring into a sticker) low energy Bluetooth signalling.

Imagine a world where mobile devices understood the environment around you. Your mobile recognises what your car is, the street signs you’re passing and the parking bays you’re driving into. Anything an iBeacon sticker is stuck onto has life. They can equally be used as data collectors. If someone passes an iBeacon programmed to alert, this can be recorded and communicated instantly.


The Return of Bluetooth

We all thought bluetooth was a thing from the early naughties which died out as dialup internet was pushed to the side making room for broadband and wide spread wifi. The only use for Bluetooth until now was for your car headphone set which connected only when it felt like it! The fact still remains however, that bluetooth was and is revolutionary technology.

Here is how the iBeacon Works

You peel off a sticker, slap it onto an something (lets use an escalator as the object), and jump over to a computer (or use a mobile). Through an easy to use system, you input the details of where the sticker is, what the object is (in this case an escalator), how far the signalling should transmit and what to collect.

My mothers favourite store is Harvey Nichols, but I won’t be using her in this analogy because I absolutely don’t want to plant ideas in her head. Let’s imagine you’re my manager and it’s my first day. You are at the far end of the store dealing with an angry customer while you watch as Austin Von Tradwell lifts to the sky in the elevators. Austin spent £25,000.00 last month on shoes alone and he has an ego, a big one! Me being the new turk has no idea who this man is and because you have a shouter to deal with he won’t be receiving the attention his large personality expects.


If there was an iBeacon on the elevator, the stores system would have recognised this man had entered the building. It would have then alerted every member on the Mens floor who he was, what his tastes were and his previous spend. This technology would have pushed to my watch or tablet and I would have known to approach him with a warm welcome, ‘Mr Von Tradwell so happy to have you back with us, you must have a look at the latest shoe collection that has arrived’.

Can you imagine how much Harvey Nicks sales would sky rocket with this level of personalisation? Take notes Stacy Cartwright!

Knowledge is Power

There is a large amount of controversy as to how much data an individual wants to release about themselves. It all comes down to ‘pro’s and cons’. The pros are very soon to outweigh the hell out of any negativity felt towards light personal data. As we emerge into the ‘Big Data’, ‘Smart Era’ where an entire city can literally update just like a mobile phone, bluetooth will become essential. By the way, don’t think this is far away, Barcelona is already a ‘Smart City’, look who’s behind the times now!

This new era we are fast approaching will mean most of the Western world will be switched on entirely. An organisation will be capable of understanding when a user is most likely to purchase, which product they lift first mixed with all their attributes. What marketing is now will be flipped upside down and no longer based upon ‘leap of faith’ approaches.

A Users Seamless Life

Your customer is treated how they expect to be. They aren’t sold or questioned on items/ services which they have no interest in. Only those of which are perfect. Minimal user input will be needed, for example; approaching an underground car park – the system recognises who the user is, opens the gate, direct them straight to an assigned parking space and debit it’s fair payment without the customer lifting a finger.

Some Final Words

Had you developed a simple game in the early stages of app development, it would have been highly likely you’d have made a tremendous success. Now however, the market is flooded and not just with games. Every niche imaginable is covered. iBeacon technology is still untouched land. For a business looking to streamline operations, an entrepreneur breaking through with a new mobile product or a government serviced organisation trying to revolutionise a public system, iBeacon technology is there for the taking. Everything is about to change.

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