iPad Air 2 and iPad Air Difference

October 24, 2014
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iPad Air 2 and iPad Air Difference

ipad air 2

Generally articles I write are intended to cut out the jargon that people outside the  industry don’t understand. So for that reason, there’s little chat about processing speed and chips. If you’re looking for more in-depth information, click here.

What I’ve have put together is this simple table showing the key differences between the iPad Air2 and the iPad Air:

iPad comparison table

Example of Slo-mo click here.

RAM (memory)

iPad Air 2 – 2GB

iPad Air – 1GB

If you haven’t already concluded this for yourself, there is very little difference when comparing the new iPad with the old. Apple as per usual boasted of their new creation being the thinnest iPad ever. Which is completely true! However, in reality, placing these two models flat next to one another we can see only a very minute difference. It wouldn’t have been so noticeable had Apple altered the full design further, in the same way as they re-model the iPhone every 2 years.

New Additions

Giving the new iPad some credit, iPad Air2 does include Touch ID and Slow-mo. Taking that credit away, these features were released with the iPhone 5s last year. ‘Give us something new, my goodness’! It was expected that these features would be included. Apple lovers like myself would have been insulted had they not been! So bragging about them was kind of like a professional gymnast informing the room they could do the splits. Good for you, Apple! Who’s a clever cookie, then?

So how does it run?

For this, sarcasm cannot be used. Damn well is the answer. It’s faster, by 40%. Graphics editing developers such as Pixelmator were previously restricted by the RAM. Now with a whole 1GB of extra memory added, the latest model is capable of much more powerful things.

Our thoughts generally

If you are a big iPad Gamer, a graphics enthusiast or an all round Apple groupie, this machine is for you. If not, and you’re just dying to purchase, then I’m diagnosing you with Apple Marketing Syndrome (AMS). It spreads like ‘firewire’. Half the world have it, and I do too. The main symptom is feeling compelled to buy every Apple product released even though what you have is more than adequate for your own requirements.

My recommendation:

  • Understand that you are being given a sales pitch.
  • Understand that with AMS, you will be susceptible to such a sales pitch.
  • Act accordingly!.

And as I said, unless you are involved with computing, graphics and gaming at a serious level, then there is absolutely no need whatsoever for this device, so buy the model down and save some cash.

‘I’d like to thank God that I am involved with computing at a high level’.

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