Microsoft to Enter Smartwatch territory

October 19, 2014
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Microsoft to Enter Smartwatch territory

Mock Windows Watch OS. Image Credit: Fortune

Almost all the big players have their fingers in the popular pies which surround tech hardware today. Smartwatches are creeping around everywhere currently, however where are Microsoft in all of this?

‘Now if Bill Gates were in control today’..

Really, no one has any idea whether or not the Smartwatch has its place as a ‘necessity’ for the everyday user. The fact that Samsung, and now Apple, have shown great interest in this area, gives us a damn good indicator as to where wearables are going.

‘Now if Jobs was here today’..

So back to Microsoft. A statement from Vice President Joe Belfiore mentioned that Windows 10 could run on the smallest devices to the largest. There was no mention of Microsoft leaning towards wearables on the watch front.  However this comment has got the industry wondering.

Including us!

So what are our thoughts?

Apple have identified and possibly answered the Smartwatch’s biggest constraint – user input: Tiny screen, and finger width of 2cm. Seriously, this isn’t even funny! Is it realistic to be including touch-sensitive features on the face of these small devices? By Apple using a dial (the same as a standard watch with a similar idea to an in-car control system), it’s more realistic in terms of usability. But what we now want to know is how Microsoft aims to work it.

Over-complication comes to mind when thinking of Microsoft. They give the best control to a user with their software, and are loved by many because of this. Can someone throw a few ideas from the iWatch or the Samsung Gear 2 before their development goes further?

Personally I’m an Apple guy, but I really want to see the old overlord finding a place at the high table again. If it’s going to happen, Microsoft have to re-think their approaches and the Smartwatch is a good place to start.

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