Smartwatch App Development

October 27, 2014
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Smartwatch App Development

How much is the market worth?

Estimated value of £4.5 billion ($7.1 billion) by 2015.

The UK’s position 

As it stands, no major smartwatch apps have been released by any UK business. Nothing! Zero, across all sectors of the entire market, but that’s because we’ve all been waiting. Being an Edinburgh based firm, we cannot speak for developers in the South, but Smart Watch interest until now has been scarce.

Things have just changed massively..

Why develop a Smartwatch app?

Samsung have several models of Smartwatch already released, with sales increasing. Microsoft have informed the market that their next move is the release of their Smartwatch in the coming weeks. Celebrities such as Will.I.Am have pushed to incorporate their name on a device much like Dr Dre did with ‘Beats’. Now if the above graph and names like Samsung aren’t enough evidence, then Apple’s announcement damn well should be!

This exact same point came around years back in the Smart Phone market. At this point in the market’s development there were so few available applications out there, virtually any App would find demand in the marketplace. Success rates went through the roof. There really is a massive First Mover advantage, at the right point, and we think that point is NOW! Take a game for example: Now there are so many on every app store for Smart Phones that getting an audience is like releasing a song into the music charts. But in the smartwatch arena, we are back to that moment wherelaunching a smartwatch app means you are first in the door. They are low-cost to develop, simpler, and represent the latest wide-spread technology the market wants.

Scotland’s Smartwatch Developers

Viper Apps wants to  lead the way for Smartwatch App development in the UK. And we can be, because when you get Viper Apps to develop your Smartwatch app, you are accessing teams of developers that have been used by the likes of even Google, so we are able to bring success to you, the client.

We understand that businesses, especially throughout Scotland, are cautious about risking money on new developments, but by using our App Delivery Management service, we can offer gold standard software development at lower rates than all other UK-based firms, thereby minimizing the risk and putting you at the forefront of this new market

Bring your Smartwatch app development to Viper Apps!

Please contact us now to enquire about our Smartwatch App Delivery services.

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