Swatch’s no-need-to-charge Smartwatch Could spoil Apple’s Party

February 11, 2015
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Swatch’s no-need-to-charge Smartwatch Could spoil Apple’s Party

Thus far in its short lifespan, products produced by electronics giants have dominated the smartwatch market, with Apple’s highly-anticipated contribution being close on the horizon (MORE INFO). However, this week the CEO of Swiss watch-making giants, Swatch announced their plans to crash the party with the release of their first smartwatch – which is scheduled for release around the same time (April/ May). MORE INFO.

The watch will work with Andriod and Windows phones (it is not yet known if it will be compatible with Smartphones) and will likely boast similar features to other smartphones – centred around communication and mobile payment – although the watch will have one unique feature which none of its competitors have managed to achieve thus far; it will not need to be charged.

This may come as a huge blow to Apple, given that the Apple Watch will need to be charged almost daily – a problem which has also been long-highlighted in the iPhone.

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Details of the Swatch smartwatch’s other features are not yet known, other than that it will connect to Smartphones via NFC (as opposed to the battery-draining Bluetooth), but some experts predict that the lack of a need to charge may result in the watch’s functions being diluted in comparison to other phones on the market. However, thus far, Swatch have kept their cards very close to their chest.

How have Swatch managed to be the first to create a charge-free smartwatch?

The fact that Swatch is a traditional watchmaker has given them an edge that tech companies don’t have; a plethora of patented watch batteries, mechanisms and displays – which, of course, other companies cannot imitate.

Swatch also have a healthy back catalogue of experience in watches with additional functions, as their sub-brand, Tissot, has been making watches with touch-screen technology as far back as 1999.Traditional Swiss watchmaker TAG Huer are also said to have a product in the works.

Another area in-which traditional watchmakers have an edge over the tech companies’ products is that of aesthetics. The first range of smartwatch products were criticised for being too chunky and unfashionable, but this shouldn’t be a problem for a Swiss watchmaker with a back-catalogue of sleek designs.

However, Swatch are not the only watchmakers to be tapping into this new generation for the watch market; Fossil Group, who design watches and jewellery for some big-name brands including Armani, Diesel and Adidas – as well as their own established brand – are said to be designing a sleek smartwatch for some of their brands. Traditional Swiss watchmaker TAG Huer are also said to have a product in the works.

“Apple arguably know the technology better”

There certainly appears to be many advantages for traditional watchmakers tapping into this market, and Swatch have cleverly decided to use the hype around the Apple Watch to boost their product. That said, Apple arguably know the technology better than anyone, and they’re known to be a dab-hand at producing a sleek design. Will Swatch’s non-chargeable product be enough to tempt people away from Apple’s trusted smart tech? We’ll have to wait and see.

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