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August 28, 2015
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An event app provider called Guidebook produced data showing that 91% of their 500 reviewed clients achieved a return on investment (ROI) from taking their business to mobile.

Eventbrite is considered to be the most popular event app within the United Kingdom. It’s a streamlined system for any user with understandable, obvious features. There are many apps which offer a great user experience (UX) yet don’t return figures like that of the mobile booking sector. Here’s why…

Comparison to the Standard Methods are so Extreme

Previous methods included; finding events through websites – computer based, word of mouth, letter invite and through media channels. All have the ability to attract an audience be it that the traditional ways like media and letter invite aren’t always targeting aggressively. Take digital advertising for example, you create an incredible advertisement that’s video based for Youtube. You’re capable of pin pointing detailed attributes of your target audience, and they see as well as love your pitch yet still the end turnout numbers don’t match mobile.

Stating the obvious, this is because of the portability. More detail:

BA app boarding pass

No Login

This is the process using Eventbrite on the desktop version:

Google Eventbrite > Click website link > Click login on homepage > Enter name and password.

Mobile process:

Press app icon.

The desktop method is simple, we go through the same method for many platforms, we may even have a password auto-memory to remove a step yet this is too much work. Really, why would you go through more steps than you have to? Mobile is seamless on this front and this feature is true for most applications not just event systems.

Full Attention:

The opening User Interface (UI) on mobile shows the event which is the closest by date and time. This single event covers 60% of a screen meaning 2 events is the maximum a user can digest at first glance. Dependent on screen size the desktop version of the website displays 6 events with competing colours and styles. It’s difficult to look at, and in comparison to mobile it’s heavy on the eye.

All in One:

Within the device, the event is; found, researched, booked, ticket received, reminded and given visual directions straight to the front door of the venue. Using another device or remembering a paper ticket are constraints that we don’t have to deal with now.

Push Notifications/ Alerts:

An obvious factor of effective mobile marketing is through the use of push notifications. Based upon previous user interests logged or even interests inputed by the user themselves, a provider can recommend events which closely fit with an individual’s interests.

Highlighted in the Guidebook report was that the users’ most favoured function of the app system was the ability for planners to make changes. Changing a time, date, even venue can be ‘pushed’ straight to the attendees’ device and shown on the lock-screen. It’s easy to ignore or miss an email, however a push notification places news right at the forefront.

The ROI to Business


Whether it is an event planner or an organisation as large as a football club, the average saving from turning paper tickets to digital is 60%. Using the football club, ‘Hearts of Mid Lothian’ and their 17,420 seats as an example, you may be able to get the idea of the real value of turning ticketing to mobile.

Even taking into account fixed costs of continuing to operate the small paper based system, the value proposition of an app is still substantial.


Guidebook found that its users attendee interactions increased by 60%. Consider how many times you’ve rated a computer program such as Microsoft Office – likely, only when things go wrong! Now think of how many times you’ve responded to an app requesting you to rate and review. These figures should now be totally understandable.

Taking user interaction into account here also, the chances of someone publishing their future event to social media platform through mobile is also included within this percentage.

Final Words

There are certain areas where app development has incredible, almost certain potential and events is one of them. Taking into account yearly costs of the traditional paper based system, implementing a mobile app to handle event and ticketing within an organisation proves its ROI is high, both financially and operationally for users. Going mobile is going green.

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