Why Choosing an Android Phone is Smarter

December 15, 2014
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Why Choosing an Android Phone is Smarter

I am not going to lie, writing this is like slapping myself in the face repeatedly. I know some of these facts are completely true, but because Androids argument is so strong, I will follow up with ‘Why Choosing an iPhone is Smarter’ later.


Every person with an up-to-date smartphone has this problem. There is literally no one out there who can hold their hand up and say their phones life lasts longer than anything costing £9.99 from Tesco. Due to this massive constraint, it has opened up a market for battery extensions which certainly does the job, but goodness they are ugly. And I mean that. If you currently have an extended battery case your phone, I want you to know that it looks terrible, point blank ridiculous!

Android models allow you to update your battery. Batteries over time loose how effective they are at holding juice (power). A Samsung Galaxy S5 battery replacement will cost you around £19.99 (click here). An iPhone however must be sent to the supplier at a cost of £66.44. And if you attempt to open and replace your iPhone battery personally, then you void you’re entire warranty.

“It’s fairly obvious that going Android saves you money”!


iPhone 6 16GB – £539.99. Samsung Galaxy S5 – £375.49. That’s no small price difference. Absolutely, you can pay £499.00 for the S5 straight from the store, but online there are so many price drops offering fantastic deals for one of the highest graded smartphones on the market. It’s fairly obvious that going Android saves you money!


Android phones allow you to add an extra or larger capacity SD card (click here) for as little as £10.99 – 32GB. Flip open the back of your phone, push in the new card and ‘BOOM’, fresh and ready to take more music, videos and data you probably don’t need to keep. With an iPhone, it’s no where near as simple. You are mostly expected to buy a brand new phone! So think carefully about which model you get, because if you opt for the cheaper 16GB version, you could be in trouble!

Apple do of course offer ‘iCloud’ but that requires internet connection, something, at least in the UK, we don’t have enough of!


USB cables. Every man with a dog knows what a USB is today. Understandably they are a little different now, smaller and named to fit the style, but the point is, USBs are everywhere. Ask yourself this iPhone users, ‘how many times have you been left without charge because the party you attended contained no (at least willing) person who had an iPhone charger. And to make it worse, when they do have one, it’s either too old, or too new! Having an android means your phone always has the option of life.


Mostly people link Android to software which you can alter to fit, which is great. But I’m a design guy. How something looks is massively important to me, I’m technologically shallow. Android has an abundance of different shapes, sizes and hardware features. From tiny screen sizes, to curved touch sensitive glass. It’s all round awesome!

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