Why our Dual-Shore Model in App & Web Development Offers Greater Value

August 30, 2015

Duel-Shore App Development

What is Dual-Shore?

At the risk of using yet another business buzz phrase, “Dual-shore” is a business model with two centres of operation, one on-shore in the same area as the client and another off-shore. The onsite team deals with clients in person, completing business analysis, modelling, architectures (software plans) and the management of the off-shore team. So Dual-Shore offers a good solution to the high costs of On-shore and the remoteness and intensive management requirements of Off-Shore.

Why Outsourcing Doesn’t Work

We as a country have tried using the off-shore model over the past 30 years, and what we now know is that it doesn’t work. Cultural differences, time zone issues, trend interpretations, and most of all – language barriers. So why do people even consider putting work overseas? The value proposition. The fact is that often the talent in off-shore centres is just as good, yet the price is so much lower than UK providers.

The problem individuals and organisations face when they do outsource is that, due to the huge constraints they are up against, much more effort has to be made to correct every stage of the process. It becomes near impossible to meet targets in timing due to the back-and-forth situation. What we end up finding is that companies have to dedicate more of their own resources to managing the overseas team which in turn becomes dual-shore, but with neither side properly understanding each other’s operations and requirements. Or worse, a company has to move the project back on-shore and then pay over the odds for the analysis, correction and continuation of the project from where it is to completion.

Bridging the Gap

The dual-shore model allows a project to be completed with the exact same proficiency as using a UK agency, yet also to benefit from the talent and value that an experienced off-shore provider can offer. As a dual-shore digital agency ourselves, we had to replicate the same process as we do on our clients’ projects with our Indian partner, Net Solutions. This has involved travelling to Net Solutions’ headquarters in Chandigarh, meeting the key people, getting to know their processes and analysing their operations. Between both agencies, we have had to develop a system which fits in with each side’s requirements andwe build on that relationship for every project we have subsequently completed together.

The Value

Clients should not be unforgiving due to past bad experiences of themselves or others with off-shoring, thereby missing out on the value available through dual-shoring. The fact still remains that entry to the best Universities in Asia in comparison to Western schools is far more competitive, compared to Western institutions, because of the sheer numbers of applicants compared to places. Such selectivity produces the best, highly motivated graduates. Silicon Valley has recognised this potential and continues to capitalise on the incredible talent that the continent continues to produce year-in, year-out.

Using an overseas element in creating an app or website means that we can access the skills of some of the top software developers in the world at lower than the on-shore comparative cost. Using only the best UK software architects, along with highly experienced analysts and graphical designers, still the value proposition offered by dual-shoring for quality, experience and price is unbeatable.

What you Experience

A large advantage of using a dual-shore agency is that you’re minimally exposed to the cultural difference. You work with a UK team face-to-face, you have the ability to communicate your concerns in person, and with body language! It’s one thing building a relationship in person and another over a video conferencing call.


Take the design element for example. It’s something every client gets excited about because we are human and generally we care about what we look like and this reflects in our work too. Having the ability to sit with a designer in person and explain your tastes, as well as being able to work together pointing out likes and dislikes is an enormous advantage in both on-shore and dual-shore operations. Using UK designers to create design models also means that trends fit exactly with the current UK market and not what’s fashionable in Asia. Let’s face it, fashion applies to the digital world also! But design is only the 2nd stage of our cycle.

Business Analysis and Software Architecture

Your introduction to the project starts with having our team work with you in person. Our analyst conducts research into your business as a whole so that we can understand the operation, what you hope to achieve, and this allows us to include our own recommendations. The architect similarly works with you to understand the specification, explain what constraints you may have based on your plans, and how to make each element achievable. We work internally to produce a document detailing our understanding of the business and the project specification. With this agreed between us, we are able to design the architecture of how the entire system will link together. This plan is created in-line with the standard structure of instructions we have developed with our overseas partners, Net Solutions.


We communicate the architectural plans to the development lead for your project on Net Solutions’ side. Their detailed design team first understand our instructions and build mock-representations for your opinion which you then discuss through video conferencing and our live on-line development system – which Net Solutions call Basecamp. With designs agreed they move quickly onto actually building them into the code which the development team have been creating in the background. You will probably be taken by surprise at the speed of implementation.

Agil Lifecycle

Client Beta

On a test system, we will work with you in person to explain how to operate your new system. You will have the chance to play with the app/ website and give all necessary feedback you may have. Net Solutions are a CMMI3 registered digital agency, so what we produce will have been tested and reviewed rigorously based on your specifications and the development plans created by us.

Launch & Aftercare

Be it onto severs or an app store, the new system is launched and retested. We provide a 3-month guarantee for all systems we deliver so any debugging that may be needed will not chargeable.

Some Final Words

Outsourcing was an incredible value proposition in theory, but not in practice. We all want to be able to work together face-to-face, even when the costs are higher. A full On-shore service gives that benefit. Dual-shore has bridged a gap to create a seamless experience offering the positives from both sides. It’s a product that is better than the competition, for a lower price than the competition. That’s smart business. And the long list of significant customers worldwide that Net Solutions has developed is testimony to its effectiveness.

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